Thursday, July 21, 2005

Day 79

Sometimes you (correctly) anticipate the worst, only not the timescales. On repainting the back door step, I guessed that Reg, the cat who doesn't live here, would wander over to investigate. I knew I'd have to leave the back door open while the paint dried, so I planned to set up a ramp over the step, to bridge over the wet paint.

Not fast enough. Reg appeared while I was still doing the painting, sat and watched for a couple of minutes, then quickly scuttled into the house. I'm sure he'd have liked to disappear somewhere and hide from me but a) the door to the rest of the house was shut and b) the trail of white pawprints led me straight to him. Sigh. He wasn't very happy about me sponging his paws with white spirit, but it's his own fault for not listening to me.

I also returned a couple of hours later to find some more pawprints in the paint itself; it looks like he'd determinedly stepped around the ramp to get out.

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