Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Day 78

Today's BIY activity was to touch up the gloss paint around the house. There used to be an old telephone extension cable running up the stairs, but it was damaged and induced crackles on the line, so we pulled it out—taking a whole bunch of bits of paint with it. Ten months later, I've finally got around to splodging some paint over the damage.

Sadly skipped fencing this evening, because my knee has been aching oddly for the last day or two and I figured an hour or two of lunges and flèches wouldn't do it any good. I skipped last week too because it was the club AGM, and I can't make next week, then we're off on holiday, so it'll end up being a six week break. Presumably some part of the multifarious gym activity caused the problem (I'd guess either one of the CV machines which I've recently started doing more on, or the leg press machine).

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