Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Day 70

[reading: Guy Gavriel Kay, "The Last Light of the Sun"]

Some interesting stuff going on over the pond at the moment. It's times like these where you really feel the sad absence of the Good Doctor. Someone who could really let loose with bile and venom, and wouldn't just sit there and gulp down the official statements. Or to put it another way:

What Would Spider Jerusalem Do? (WWSJD)

(other than hire filthy assistants)

(I remember the first time I encountered "WWJD": it was around eight years ago, and someone at a party had a wristband with the letters on. I asked him what it was a URL for, and lapsed into stunned silence when the meaning was explained to me.)
Thinking about it, I guess the canonical answer is obvious: go after them at a press conference with a bowel disruptor.

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