Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day 65

Zoinks. My P11D has finally arrived, so I can finish off my tax return and get it in with plenty of time for them to calculate my huge bill. I've gotten it in around this time or earlier in previous years, and it tends to get processed pretty quickly—I guess the big rushes are around the end-Sept and end-Jan deadlines, so at other times they've probably got hordes of staff with nothing to do.

Oddly coincidental that my P11D should turn up on the 7th July, though. I contacted my last employer a couple of weeks ago to prod about it, and they said they would be sending them out at the end of July. I somewhat acidly pointed out the first paragraph of the P11D form says "You must give a copy of this information to the director or employee by 6 July 2005" . . .

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