Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Day 63

Today was my first day of attacking DIY stuff. The first task was to fill the holes in the kitchen ceiling that were left after the rewiring. This turned out to be surprisingly straightforward, given the right materials and a couple of helpful hints; I cut sections of plasterboard that would just fit into the holes, then attached a batten to one side. By pushing these sections up into the holes, the batten would then hold the new chunks of plasterboard level with the existing ceiling. Finally, some plasterboard tape and filler made a fairly neat first pass at filled holes.

Outside of the kitchen, I repainted the front door and started stripping the flaking paint from the outside wall. Of course, I wasn't bright enough to allow for wind or the fact that gloss paint takes ages to dry, so all the little bits of stripped paint got blown onto the wet paint of the door. Sigh.

Also did a bit of quantity surveying, and it looks like there should just about be enough recycled tiles to fill in all the gaps. I started stripping the grout off the edges of the old tiles with a chisel, but getting rid of the layers of mortar on the back (plus plaster and occasionally wallpaper) looks like a trickier business. As an experiment, I'm leaving a few tiles in a bucket of water overnight to see if that helps.

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