Sunday, July 03, 2005

Day 61

Starting to prepare for the next major project, which is to redecorate the kitchen. When we bought the house, the kitchen was pretty damp, apparently because the damp course had been bridged for years. In fact, when the electricians were doing the rewiring, huge chunks of the plasterwork were just falling off the kitchen walls. (The electrician disconcertingly described this as 'the walls are falling down', which is a fairly panic-inducing message to hear in the first week of owning a house).

Anyway, with a suitable outlay of flipping great wodges of cash, the DPC was re-exposed, the wall was injected with extra anti-damp stuff and parts of the inside were replastered. However, there things stopped—the instructions with the damp-proofing were that it couldn't be redecorated until everything dried out.

So nine months of continuously running a dehumidifier later, we (hopefully) have now got dry walls (and a dead dehumidifier, as it turns out). Redecoration can now happen, but there's quite a lot to do. Starting from the top, we've got holes in the plasterboard ceiling to patch and paint, large chunks of the wall to replaster, a number of tiles to put back up (with a fervent hope that by reducing the tiled area by 25-30 tiles, we'll have enough spares to cope with the inevitable wastage), skirting boards to fix, walls to paint, a radiator to reattach, and pipes to box in.

Hence today involved a long and expensive trip to B&Q, and it's unlikely to be the last.

Oh, and yay: got the washing machine up from the cellar. Continuing the theme of stealing things from the Egyptians, I hit on the idea of teeming numberless hordes of slaves. Or in this case: Mike. BFMI'R'Us. (I guess he's BF and I'm MI).

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