Friday, July 01, 2005

Day 59

Boo: the washing machine has died, and now refuses to drain. Draining it by hand with a jug is definitely more time-consuming.

Yay: we have a spare washing machine—part of the jetsam of combining the contents of two existing houses.

Boo: the spare washing machine is in the cellar. Getting it down into the cellar was a reasonably tricky process, but it had the advantage over the current situation in that gravity tends to point downwards.

So I calmly promised I wouldn't try to bring it up from the cellar on my own, then waited until I was on my own in the house and had a go. Despite a certain amount of recent gym activity, I'm hardly Mr. Universe and so more cunning was definitely going to be required.

My rough plan was to take a leaf from the Egyptians' book (or rather papyrus), and lay a plank over the steps to form an inclined plane. Next, I had a collection of old curtain poles and suchlike that I could put between the plank and the washing machine to act as rollers.

This approach did partly work, but had a fatal flaw as a solo effort—when the rollers dropped out from under the bottom of the washing machine, I was distinctly short of hands to pick them up and feed them back in at the top again.

So, defeated, the washing machine remains at the bottom of the stairs and the washing continues to accumulate.

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