Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Day 48

[reading: Saunders Mac Lane, "Categories for the Working Mathematician"]

Curmudgeonliness is next to godliness

Kind of annoyed today on account of having to go to the gym twice. I turned up a little after 8 am to find the doors locked and a few people waiting outside. I felt most sorry for the cleaner, who'd apparently got there at 6.30 (ready for the 7am opening time) and been waiting since. So anyway I ended up going back to the gym at around 4pm, when it was much hotter and much busier.

I can't say that I'm hugely impressed with this gym. This is actually the second time they're screwed up my timetable for the day—and I've only been going for a month. The previous time, I tried to go to one of their classes only to discover they'd cancelled it without giving any notice. It's still cancelled, even though they continue to advertize it.

Given that I've already paid for a year and that it's the only semi-decent gym within walking distance, I'm kind of stuck with it, though.

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