Friday, June 03, 2005

Day 30

Found an interesting blog that goes a little bit behind the scenes at the BBC's "Strictly Dance Fever" show. I normally find reality shows a bit turn-off, but they're definitely more interesting when the participants are actually showing some talent/skill other than for self-promotion. However, in this case I did watch the show occasionally and did actually break the habit of a lifetime and rang up to vote.

I do have an excuse, however—I know one of the couples on the show. This way, the next time I dance with Natasha I can truthfully say that I voted for her.

In fact, I also know a number of the dance teachers that were working with the contestants behind the scenes. It's reassuring that they at least are folk who know the dance styles in question, since the judges that appear on the show itself seem to be very poor at spotting when the dancers are doing anything like an authentic style or not (at least for the dance forms that I've got some knowledge or experience of—tango & milonga, lindy hop/jitterbug, charleston, shag and boogie-woogie).

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