Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Day 28

Payday! In fact, probably my last payday for quite some time.

I resigned my previous job on the 4th May, so my official one months notice doesn't actually run out for another couple of days, but they've just sloshed the extra cash into this payslip. As a pleasant surprise, I also get paid for the week of holiday I'd accrued but not used—which seems bizarre to me, given that they gave me gardening leave and so they could just take the week's holiday as part of the notice period (but I'm hardly going to ring them up and complain about it).

And (sigh) I had to ring the tax office again to get the right tax form, since I fall into one of the categories where I can't use the short tax return they'd sent me. This is now the fourth time I've rung them to ask for a tax return form.

On a different note, I had my first fencing lesson in over 10 years tonight. I wanted to get a quick intro to the basics of sabre, but I have to say it didn't go particularly well—I distinctly got the feeling that the fencing coach considered me a waste of his precious time. There was muttering about how he prefers to concentrate on the people who are doing competitions; there was muttering about how there are beginners classes being run on other nights of the week.

Still, I had a quick waggle of the sabre against an opponent, which was quite fun. I guess I'll just figure out what I need to by experiment—I don't feel the urge to repeat the lesson. Ever.

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