Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Day 21

[reading: Robert Heinlein, "For Us, The Living"]

Running at even lower than normal efficiency today, under the influence of a surprisingly powerful hangover (relative to the amount of alcohol drunk last night). Eventually I got as far as having lunch, a pint of coke, a paracetamol and three episodes of Angel series 2, which seemed to sort things out.

Still, not much achieved. I sanded down and revarnished the study floor where the wood of the floorboards was peeling, then I set off early for fencing to get some new kit from Leon Paul. Unusually, they seemed to actually have a helpful member of staff on duty in the shop, who even fixed the strap attachment on my mask while I was there. So anyway, I'm now the owner of a new lamé, and of my first sabre, so I can now fence all weapons.

Of course, when I got to fencing there were plenty of épéeists, so none of the new kit got an outing. I figure I should probably get a lesson or two with the sabre before I start waggling it about—otherwise someone might get hurt, probably me. I've not had a fencing lesson for over ten years, so that's a slightly daunting prospect.

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