Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Day 20

Finished off the sudoku solver this morning, by adding in the fuller version of a technique for reducing possibilities in the cells, and by adding the ultimate weapon: guess-and-check. The latter isn't very elegant, but I've gotten bored with the whole thing now. In grand total I've done 5 sudoku puzzles by hand, and spent about a day writing an automated solver.

Also tried my hand at cooking something more complicated that cheese on toast, by trying to make Eggs Benedict. I had it a couple of times when I was in New York last year and enjoyed it, so I wanted to be able to recreate it.

Of course, this doesn't allow for the fact that I've got the culinary skills of a mulberry bush. I've never poached an egg in my life before, so it was surprising that that part was vaguely OK, but the hollandaise sauce ended up as more of a hollandaise foam (I needed to heat the sauce up a bit, and I forgot a) that it contained raw egg yolk and b) that the microwave was still running a minute and half later). Still, I seem to have survived eating the end results.

I also seem to have survived my first attempt at playing with Photoshop Elements, messing with layers and selections to convert an old photograph to look more cartoon-like.

Anyway, tonight we're off to try our hand at a nearby pub quiz.

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