Sunday, May 22, 2005

Day 18

The final machine setup is to get a new printer and attach it (the old printer seems to be irretrievably broken, as the print head is jamming at the side of the printer). Stunned to discover that printers these days don't come with the cables you need to attach them to the machine—you have to buy a separate USB cable. Still, at least I checked before we left PC World and got all the way back.

Out to join the throngs watching Revenge Of The Sith in the evening. Can't say I was particularly impressed; the acting was almost as ropey as the previous installment, and there's still no sign of the humour that leavened the original trilogy. Also, I still can't see light sabers without being reminded of the video where the kid gets one for Xmas.

(As an aside, I discovered recently where the UK/US difference between the spelling of words like sabre/saber came from—it seems that Noah Webster changed the spellings by fiat when he came up with his American English dictionary, in an attempt to make the spellings more phonemic).

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