Friday, May 20, 2005

Day 16

Got a fun link from Mike this morning, but it did mean that my morning pretty much evaporated in catching up with the varied adventures of The Order Of The Stick. I guess it kind of reminds me of the Knights of the Dinner Table (in that it's an RPG-based comic strip; doh), only it's actually funny.

Also had a go at a couple of sudoku puzzles. Angel's page on them was were I got started from, and also has useful tips on how to solve them, but it's quickly becoming clear that it's a fairly mechanical process. Hmm, perhaps I feel a program coming on (using my Copious Free Time).

(Aside: For the original version of this entry, I was carefully not revealing the Secret Identity of Offensive Mango, but then I noticed that there's an entry with her full name on anyway, so I no longer see the point of being coy.)

I did get as far as putting together a PDF file with a couple of templates for tracking possible values more easily, though.

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